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Despite the limited shelter offered by the tiny stone where I knelt, my candle's flicker was barely noticeable in the gentle Halloween breeze. The desired stealth of the wind, as it sneaked through the graveyard, was betrayed only by the occasional tinkling of the chimes that were once hung from trees watching over some of the graves.

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Father's Grief After Stillbirth

I am sorry you have landed on the Father's Grief website. This is not a happy place to be; stillbirth and baby loss can never be this.

Perhaps, like me, you have lost your baby; perhaps you are curious. Not simply curious to what stillbirth is, but what it really means to affected families in the months and years afterwards when it seems that many who once mourned with you have now forgotten the boy or girl who died.

In this sorrowful place, stories of everyday life after the death of a baby are shared, in the hope that countless others who walk this unwanted road will find some empathy and strength to continue.

The archives are full of stories that cover the range of emotions a bereaved parent experiences: anger, acceptance, grief triggers, battling grief and trying to live normally.

Hopefully, after reading some of this website's material, bereaved parents will accept that all of these emotions are OK after your baby dies; no-one should judge you for doing what you need to do.