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Year Of Father's Grief; 21 June 2013

One Year Of Baby Loss Blog

Fatherís Grief is now one year old; it was founded following a surreal visit to Ethanís grave on Fatherís Day 2012. As I knelt in the sun this particular day, I accepted that I could never be a father to Ethan in the normal sense.

This realisation provided the spark that ignited my writing on the subjects of grief and baby loss; that Fatherís Day, Ethan gifted a sense of purpose from his death. I never appreciated how much the website could grow.

Over the past year, Fatherís Grief has welcomed over 6000 visitors from 51 countries across the world. Some readers are certainly disinterested or find the topic too difficult to read, but I have received many messages of support and thanks for talking so openly about the uncomfortable topic of stillbirth. Taking into account the relatively low bounce rate of visitors, I believe these comments speak for the majority of readers.

Of course I would rather not have to take the time to write this blog. I would rather invest the time in watching Ethan grow. Nonetheless, Ethan is not physically with us; his memories cannot be captured in the stillness of a photograph. Instead, the echoes of his forbidden memories are captured and recorded on this website.

Healing From Grief

Aside from Fatherís Grief, there is an immense network of writers who share their own stories of grief; together we are all united by an unwanted bond. Together we are the parents of the stillborn, the miscarried and the children taken too soon after birth.

In a society where discussing child loss borders on the taboo, these blogs and support networks are priceless. Those not directly affected by such tragedy can gain some understanding through reading. Time spent reading these accounts has put my own grief into perspective. My own story is a personal tragedy, but in comparison to other peopleís experiences, I consider myself lucky.

Despite the crown of sorrow that Death fashioned for me, I only have to look around to realise that, for now, I have been let off relatively lightly. There are many others from whom Death has plundered a greater bounty.

Fatherís Grief generally aims to deliver family stories inspired by stillbirth. Some are sad, others aren't. Some discuss triggers of grief, others recovery from grief. Each story helps construct a journal of life continuing after loss; evidence that there is life after the death of a child.

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All readers are central to Fatherís Griefís success; even the best written words may as well be a blank page if they are unread. Therefore join our email subscribers on or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ - the links are on the right hand side of this page.

To survive, Fatherís Grief will have to evolve and grow in a way Ethan cannot. Any comments or suggestions for future posts or new ideas for the website are always welcome. Thank you for your support over the last year. Please keep reading.

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